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How to Become a Massage Therapist in California

From the Golden Gate Bridge to the Hollywood Hills, California is known for its opportunities; it is a perfect place to earn your license and certification for massage therapy! Whether you pursue a career in San Francisco or San Diego, you will discover the fun and excitement of the state.

You must adhere to these guidelines in order to become a massage therapist in California :

    • Finish 500 hours of training. 250 of these hours must be completed at an approved school while the other 250 hours can be at school or with a continued education provider.
    • Study massage theory along with hands-on training.
    • Pass the NCETMB on behalf of the California Massage Therapy Council.
    • With millions of tourists visiting the state every year, you can work at a spa, salon, resort, or cruise ship. However, medical professions also require massage therapists. You can apply at doctors’ offices, nursing homes, wellness centers, or sport injury clinics. Many massage therapists even run their own businesses!

How does $35,970 per year sound? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , that is the median salary for a massage therapist.

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