Top Beauty Schools in Idaho

How to Become a Beauty Professional in Idaho

Even though Idaho is primarily known for the farming and agriculture opportunities, there are other career options that are available as well. If you are interested in working as a cosmetologist, then right now is a great time to learn more about the beauty schools in Idaho that you can attend. Getting your cosmetology license is the first step down the path of a fulfilling career.

Before you enroll in a cosmetology program, you need to understand the requirements to get your license. The state board requires a minimum of 2,000 training hours to get your certification, or you can also meet the requirements with 4,000 hours working as an apprentice.

The median salary for a cosmetologist in Idaho is just over $23,200 plus tips, although the salary could be as high as $41,000 if you are in the highest state percentile.

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