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How to Become a Massage Therapist in Minnesota

Minnesota is known for its naturally beautiful landscape; with such a relaxing setting, it is an ideal state for massage therapy. From St. Paul to Minneapolis, there are a number of parks, zoos, and trails to visit. Likewise, the urban cities are full of art galleries, museums, and other nightlife events.

It is fast and easy to earn your license and certification for massage therapy in Minnesota.

    • Contact your city or county clerk in order to determine the requirements of certification. There is no official statewide agency for massage therapy. 
    • If you decide to run your own business, you must acquire a business license. Likewise, you need a million-dollar professional liability insurance policy and another million-dollar general liability insurance policy. 
    • You may also need a notarized copy of your national certification or diploma. 
    • Affiliation with a health facility or massage center is also required along with any associated fees. 

Depending on where you work, the average salary for a massage therapist is $35,970 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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