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Rhode Island

How to Become a Cosmetologist in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is known as the Ocean State because of its abundant of coasts and shores. It was the first permanent settlement to declare independence within the United States. Although it is the smallest state, it is has beautiful scenery and a rich history. The residents equally desire to match their beauty to that of the state. Therefore, it is an ideal place to earn your cosmetology license.

In order to earn a cosmetology license in Rhode Island. You must enroll in a beauty school and complete 1,500 hours of coursework. During this time, you will learn about facial and skin treatments, nail art, hair care, makeup applications, specialized services, and salon management. After you complete your training, you have to pass a written exam on behalf of the state. Every year, you are required to renew your license for a small fee. No continued education is required; however, if you want to stay abreast with the latest trends and techniques, you may want to pursue more training.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you can earn an average of $23,500 per year not including tips as a licensed cosmetologist. You should consider visiting the breathtaking state of Rhode Island and attending a top beauty school!

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