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How to Become a Nail Specialist

Looking for a career that channels your creativity while allowing you to socialize with people of varying backgrounds? If you enjoy nail care and design, this may be your perfect entrance into the beauty industry. Nail technician schools will teach you how to master the art of the mani/pedi! You’ll learn how to work with natural nails, as well as acrylics and gels. You’ll even learn nail art and design. With training from top nail technician schools, students will be prepared to take their state board examination which is required in order to obtain a license.

What do you need to know about nail technician programs? Cosmetology schools often include nail technician training, however those looking for more affordable, niche training may opt for nail technician schools or nail specific programs. Whichever route you choose, there are licensing requirements as mandated by your state.

Training at top nail technician schools will ensure students are prepared for the subjects that will appear on the state board. These subjects often include safety/sanitation, manicuring and polishing, massage, wraps and sculpted acrylics, and tip application. Many nail technician schools have on site salons that offer discounted rates to the public in order to provide students with hands-on training.

Program cost varies depending on the type of school you choose – whether you select a cosmetology school or a nail technician school. Don’t forget to calculate kit and supplies when evaluating the most affordable nail technician training options as some schools include this in tuition, while others do not. Whether you decide to search nail schools near me or nail technician schools online, we can help you get started!

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