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How to Become a Skin Specialist

Looking for top skin care schools? We can help you choose the best skin care schools in your area. The first thing you need to know is that many skin care programs are often referred to as esthetician training programs. This is because both a skin care specialist and an esthetician have received specialized training on skin care and facials. If you are searching for one, chances are the other is interchangeable. 

Training at top skin care schools usually includes the foundations of the skin, skin consultation and analysis, microdermabrasion and other chemical peels, cleansing, massage, how to identify lesions and skin diseases, and how to treat problematic skin. Some skin care training programs also include makeup, brow tinting, waxing, and more.  You may even be able find affordable, online training.

How long is skin care training? This varies by state and can range from 300 to 1500 hours. In order to be a licensed esthetician, cosmetology training alone will not suffice. You’ll need to enroll in a skin care specific training program. Licensing exam at the state level is required in order to work as a skin care professional.

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